In a Parallel Universe, the Chevrolet Jolt Is a Convincing Electric Sports Coupe

First thing’s first, no, the Chevrolet Jolt is a work of fiction. Despite the fact that the Jolt looks significantly better than the all-electric Bolt and the hybridized Volt, it is but an experiment thought up by Matt Teske, a brand strategist and creative director.
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Photo: Matt Teske
Chevrolet Jolt EVChevrolet JoltChevrolet JoltChevrolet JoltChevrolet JoltChevrolet JoltChevrolet JoltChevrolet JoltChevrolet JoltChevrolet Jolt
What kind of experiment is the Jolt, you ask? I’ll let none other than Matt take it over from here:

“Upon taking live, the response was incredible. So much so that the website crashed and I had to setup a new server to handle the traffic. One Twitter user asked, ‘Maybe this is fake… but who would fake it?’ I would. And I am simply an automotive enthusiast that wants to see more innovation and progress in the electric vehicle market. I figured if the traditional manufacturers weren’t going to do it on their own, I would help.”

Now that’s what I call an original prankster with great reasoning. You see, Chevy prides itself on the Bolt even though it doesn’t look as good as the Tesla Model 3, it isn’t as spacious, and it’s more expensive than Tesla’s idea of an affordable electric vehicle.

Furthermore, the Model 3 is expected to offer more range than the Bolt does, which begs the question why did Chevy even bother? I’ll restate that: why are traditional manufacturers so reluctant to give Tesla a run for its money?

Happily, however, the Dieselgate fiasco and advances in battery technology have prompted many big players to turn their attention to EVs. Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Ford, BMW, Chevrolet, Opel, you name it, they want a piece of the action. With ever-stringent emission regulations, the EV will come into its own in the following decade.

Through his convincing yet fake website for a convincing yet fake electric vehicle, Matt has shown not only Chevrolet but the entire automotive industry how to pique the interest of the media, aficionados, and buyers for proper EVs, not half-assed things like the Mitsubishi i-MiEV or almost good enough electric vehicles such as the Chevy Bolt.

“The Chevrolet Bolt EV is a great first step, but not enough. There is HUGE demand and interest for more EVs, and variety is lacking heavily in the automotive market. Don't believe it? Just ask one of the 400,000 or so people world-wide that are currently reservation holders for the Tesla Model 3. The hard truth is that traditional automotive brands are not equipped to address how the digital age has transformed buyers expectation for automobiles, and they also have concerns for how it will disrupt their business model.” added Matt.

I wholly agree with him and the industry should take note.

P.S.: The Jolt is based on a Chevrolet concept car that debuted in 2012.
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