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IED Tracy Concept, the Little EV With Seating for 6, Comes to Geneva Motor Show

If you can remove market constraints from the design of a car, the sky’s the limit.
IED Tracy, a small, all-terrain EV with seating for 6 6 photos
IED Tracy, a small, all-terrain EV with seating for 6IED Tracy, a small, all-terrain EV with seating for 6IED Tracy, a small, all-terrain EV with seating for 6IED Tracy, a small, all-terrain EV with seating for 6IED Tracy, a small, all-terrain EV with seating for 6
In yet another experimental dare, the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) from Turin, Italy, has unveiled the first-ever glimpse at a little EV that would revolutionize the industry. Students in the IED Master in Transportation Design program named it Tracy. IED Tracy.

The IED Tracy is small on the outside and spacious on the inside, fully electric and all-terrain capable. It is designed with a focus on collective mobility and all-encompassing functionality, and it’s also extremely cute but practical. The concept EV will be officially introduced on March 3, at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, which is also when more details about it will be made public.

The idea for the  IED Tracy is that the future of transportation is collective mobility, so it proposes an innovative interior layout in which the rear passenger seats form an L-shaped lounge-couch. Basically, interior space is divided into two functional areas: the driver’s and the passengers’.

The driver is still facing the road (IED Tracy is only fully electric, not autonomous), but is situated in a more central position as compared to today’s cars. The passengers are all facing each other: four on the lounge-coach and one next to the driver, with their back to the road.

IED says that Tracy is “functional for public use or private, aimed at users sensitive to the issue of respect for human beings and the environment.” “Tracy combines the concepts of micro mobility, private, public and shared mobility, widening the investigation scenario: for the first time, research within the Master’s course aims to investigate new modes of shared transport, proposing a solution that can also leave the urban context, with the aim of promoting a new sense of sharing and mobility extended to even unconventional scenarios,” the IED website notes.

Indeed, this little EV is all-terrain, and it's also all-wheel-drive. Renderings show space for a battery pack in the floor, which allows reduction of front and read overhangs. Furthermore, netted luggage racks in the front and rear make Tracy ideal even for long-distance travel without having to use as much space as a traditional trunk.

Natural pigments and biodegradable fibers would be used for the interior upholstery, in keeping with the “respect for the environment” stated motto. On the safety side, two roll-bars wrap protect the all-glass roof and windows, and become elements of style when viewed from the outside, thanks to contrasting colors.


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