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Concept Cars of the Future: Here’s How Lexus Imagines Lunar Mobility
Many concept designs never move past the “concept” stage, but that’s not reason enough to discard them. It’s the visionaries who shape the future and pave the way for the actual technology.

Concept Cars of the Future: Here’s How Lexus Imagines Lunar Mobility

Zero Gravity by LexusLexus CosmosBouncing Moon Roller by LexusLexus Lunar CruiserLexus Lunar MissionLexus Moon RacerLexus Lunar
Humanity is still far from colonizing the Moon, let alone other planets in the universe, but there’s no harm in dreaming about it – and envisioning the technology that would make mobility possible in the future. Enter Lexus and design studio ED2.

The new issue of Document Journal includes a project called Lunar Design Portfolio, made up of 7 concepts of lunar and space mobility, as envisioned by 7 different designers. ED2 is the go-to design studio for both Toyota and Lexus, and its people have come up with impressive – and quite convincing – concepts for vehicles that would make transportation in space possible.

Zero Gravity

You can call it wheel-less space bike. Zero Gravity is a single-rider-style vehicle that takes the most personal approach to space exploration. Instead of wheels, it uses magnetic levitation technology to float on the bumpy surface of the Moon, which would make said bumps non-existent for the rider.

Zero Gravity employs the concept of Tazuna (“reins” in Japanese), “the fundamental human-centered philosophy,” Lexus explains. “Inspired by how a single rein can be used to achieve mutual understanding between horse and rider, the steering control provides active driving enjoyment created by the direct communication between human and machine.”

This bike-like mobility solution wouldn’t be just smart enough to bond with the rider, but also very fast. The designer imagines it traveling at speeds of more than 300 mph (429 kph).

Lexus Cosmos

This squid-shaped vehicle is a massive moving observatory, kind of like a double-decker tourist bus, but in space. It’s meant for exploration and contemplative group experiences, and can be used both for Lunar and space travels.

The Cosmos is fitted with something called a “space swimming pool,” which is pretty much what it sounds like: a special pod in which tourists can take in the outside view while floating around in low gravity.

Bouncing Moon Roller

Much like Zero Gravity, the Bouncing Moon Roller allows for the smooth exploration of the rocky surface of the Moon. It features a central cockpit surrounded by a bubble made of flexible graphene. The bubble absorbs shocks and allows the vehicle to bounce or roll over all types of terrain.

A gyroscope stabilizes the cockpit. The batteries and the cockpit would sit together in the gyroscope cell, Lexus says.

Lexus Lunar Cruiser

This is the space equivalent of an SUV, with the very important mention that it also flies. The hybrid vehicle offers comfortable and safe travels on rough terrains, and can spin 90 degrees to fly like a drone, when need be.

Lexus Lunar Mission

The future spaceship. Lexus Lunar is designed for space travel exclusively, carrying the first space tourists from Earth to the Moon and back.

“The design integrates a liquid side body, which can reflect the universe while flying toward the moon,” Lexus says. “The wings are the iconic spindle shape integrated with the Lexus symbol mark as a main geometry.”

Lexus Moon Racer

The space sports car. Lexus calls this one a recreational vehicle that allows all kinds of fun behind the wheel on the rough Lunar terrain. It features wheels covered with a flexible mesh of hexagonal tread for maximum grip and traction, and a giant glass bubble to keep the driver protected without compromise on the feeling of freedom he will experience while driving it.

Lexus Lunar

This is the large transport vehicle for space exploration. Fitted with 6 massive wheels, Lexus Lunar offers both mobility and housing security in the same body. The cabin is fully detachable and can double as a lunar settlement.

More details on each concept are available in the photos in the gallery attached.

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