How About Clearing the Snow with a Dodge Viper?

There's something about seeing a Viper SRT-10 playing in the snow that makes our love of American metal grow. This is exactly what happens in the video, so we wanted to share the action with you.
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Sure, this is a Viper from the days when Dodge's supercar still wanted to punish its driver for every mistake. We're talking about the pre-revamp incarnation of the second-generation model, or, as fans call it, a Gen III Viper.

This brute hasn't heard of driving aids. Sure, it all depends on how you look at this - compared to the early Viper, you can say the car we have here cooperated with the human in the driver's seat, since it packed ABS.

The driver of this particular SRT-10 doesn't even seem like he's trying to pull coordinated drift moves, doing random spins instead. Even so, there's something particularly satisfying about seeing a 506.5 ci (8.3 liters) V10 being used to clear the snow in an empty parking lot. Let's not discuss the efficiency of the operation, OK?

And while we can't say we'd buy such a vehicle, we have to admire it for the role it has played in the family tree of the Gen V Viper (the one we get nowadays).

The current Viper is one of our favorite supercars, mainly thanks to a pair of assets. On one hand, the raw driving experience it delivers is a rare gem in an industry that's starting to rely more and more on electronics.

Then there's the price. With the Viper delivering thrills that can be superior to what you find in a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan, for instance, we can only be amazed at how few people buy these supercars - we'll remind you the Viper now starts at $89,995.

One of our secret reasons for loving the Gen V Viper is that its ownership base seems to include a considerably smaller number of posers compared to the case of Italian exotics, for instance. Most people that buy one of these SRT machines drive them like they should, keeping the American hooning spirit alive.

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