How about a Honda CBR600RR Front Flip Crash to Avoid Running Wide into the Kerb

Braking hard in the middle of the turn is a total no-no 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
Even though we could easily find a lot of riders who would argue the contrary, the Honda CBR600RR is not exactly the best bike for unskilled riders or beginners.
Sure, there are a lot of guys out there who bought this CBR as their first bike and learned how to ride in real-life conditions, without crashing or getting themselves killed. However, this is hardly enough to make a difference when the going gets tough, and if you don't believe me, just watch the video after the jump.

We can see that something is about to go wrong watching how the fellow fails to stay in the right section of his lane way before he reaches the turn's apex. This is usually a sign that the bike/rider is understeering, and measures must be take immediately.

In most cases, this situation can be corrected by leaning the bike into the turn and letting gravity help you around the bend. The excessive speed, or at least a fraction of it will be transformed in centrifugal and centripetal forces the rider can use to his or her advantage by controlling the lean angle. That is, if panic doesn't set in first...

Braking hard in the middle of the turn is a total no-no

Now, in case panic takes over, it never comes alone. Target fixation tags along more than often in such scenarios, and never to a good ending. In this case, the rider opted for a hard front brake that flipped the bike forward, sending him flying over the bars.

The crash looks very bad, but the chap was rather scared to death than injured. The bike also fared better than we expected, with optical issues that can be fixed fairly easy and no structural damage. The CBR600RR may be less savage than other sport bikes, but this doesn't make it a tame, forgiving ride.

Like many similar motorcycles, it was built for performance, and performance usually means NOT making the type of silly mistakes like the one this fellow made. And that's why it's better to master riding before getting at the helm of such machines, as it may be too late once you hit the redline.

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