Honda S2000 with Wankel Power and Pop-Up Headlights Is a JDM Cocktail Rendering

When it comes to Honda's best interest, we have to admit not all the time spent waiting for an S2000 successor works against the company. Heck, the internet seems to be more and more obsessed with the retired sportscar with each new year that sees the carmaker putting aficionados' hopes and dreams on "snooze".
Honda S2000 with Wankel Power and Pop-Up Headlihts Rendering 1 photo
Well, what does the internet do when it's boiling? Well, for one thing, it delivers renderings that are nothing short of spectacular. The most recent example of this comes from the pixel manipulation above.

We're dealing with an S2K that has been taken extremely far down the modding route. The most important change has taken place under the hood, where the 9.000 rpm heart of the sportscars has been replaced with a Wankel heart. This only makes us think of another revival pathway, namely the one that will see Mazda bringing back rotary power soon, but this is another story for another time.

In terms of the visual makeover, the custom aero package fitted to this Honda would probably make it one hell of a time attack monster. Nevertheless, the list of appearance-related changes is definitely led by the pop-up headlights.

And speaking of such mechanical lighting action, this image comes from young British artist Khyzyl Saleem. The man has recently been in a pop-up headlight mood, but, given the brilliant 1s and 0s he's delivered, we can't hold anything against him.

Oh, and as for the hardtop, this has already become a common feature in the world of custom S2000s, so we almost expect such a piece to show up here.

If this virtual go-fast contraption has worked as an appetite wetter for you, we're here to quench your S2000 thirst, so here's what happens when such a Honda goes through a deep transformation process in the real world.


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