Honda Plans Twin-Powered CBR250RR, Not Sure If the Western Markets Get It

Twin-Powered CBR250RR rumored 2 photos
Photo: Young Machine
Young machine cover showing a rendering of a twin-powered CBR250RR
It’s again show time with the Japanese magazine Young Machine, showing a mock-up of a potential quarter-liter Honda CBR bike which is rumored to enter production in the not-so-distant future. That’s right, Honda looks like planning to add two-cylinder engines to the small-displacement line-up, but it looks like these bikes are going to be reserved to other markets than Europe or North America. That is, if it turns out that they are really making it past the rumor phase.
So far, the small-displacement class has been dominated by single-cylinder engines, with few exceptions when it comes to certain cruisers. However, it looks like things are about to change, as we keep hearing about more manufacturers (at least) considering the perspective of reintroducing high-performance small-displacement sport motorcycles.

Needless to say, a twin or even in-line 4-cyclinder architecture will allow higher peak power figures by means of higher redlines and this is good news for the potential customers. Of all, Kawasaki is credited with the best chances of actually delivering a really interesting in-line quarter-liter beast.

Asian markets are envisaged, most likely

Now, the bad news for the riders in Europe and North America will not get the rumored twin-powered CBR250RR. Delivering 250cc-class bikes in these markets is not going to happen because all manufacturers have already sent their new, 300cc-class machines there. Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha, they’re all selling 250cc bikes in Asian markets and 300cc bikes in the western ones, so such a move would cannibalize the existing and recently-introduced machines.

On the other hand, markets with immense potential, such as India or Indonesia, would most likely welcome higher-performance small-displacement motorcycles quite warmly. We can hope to see these machines as the basis of a potential new generation of 300cc bike engines for the coming years. As to whether the rumored twin will be a parallel or a v one, this remains to be seen in the coming months. Anyway, an in-line twin makes much more sense, at least for this displacement zone.

Nevertheless, you know what they say, it’s not over ‘till it’s over, so we’re most likely going to have to wait for more accurate info and more credible photo manipulations.
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