Honda Grom Turns into a Spectacular Streetfighter

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Photo: MAD Industries
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A lot of motorcycles can be given attributes such as "vile" or "menacing," but the Honda Grom is definitely NOT one of them. At least not in its stock guise. However, when a creative customizer steps into the game, things are in the fast lane for a major change.
And if this customizer happens to be MAD Industries, who already have a solid experience in working with the Honda MSX125, then we can be sure that the Grom will shed its Mr. Jekyll attire and slide towards the Hyde side.

We've already seen MAD Industries transforming the 2015 Honda Grom into a monkey superbike, if you can bear with putting these two terms together. They are back, but this time, the Grom they showed at SEMA displayed streetfighter cues.

The 2016 Grom Spectacular Streetfighter proves that small bikes can become evil

This year, MAD Industries tested their bike-building skills with the hard task of turning the monkey bike into the Spectacular Streetfighter, but the result is stunning. The lateral bodywork panels were ditched, and a new tank was fabricated, mimicking that of a superbike, and was neatly integrated into the custom frame.

Given the small footprint and low weight of the Grom, building a chassis for a custom project is less demanding, provided one has a clear picture of what the final attire should look like. Just remember the Ducati Monster Grom...

A bespoke rear subframe was obviously needed, and the Grom's skimpy seat was replaced by a cheeky upswept solo seat with superbike-derived design. A longer swingarm was used, and a top-notch Ohlins rear monoshock also became part of the Spectacular Streetfighter. It’s hard to tell if the forks are also Ohlins, but they are a great match for the bike.

The airbox was ditched in favor of a conical open breather that almost tricked us into believing someone put a turbocharger on this Grom. Cue a carbon chin spoiler and Brock's silencer that should make the Grom sound awesome, and there you have it, the perfect recipe for a 125er that will turn more heads than a CBR1000RR.
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