Honda Accord Driver Keys a Tesla at Costco, Redditors Help Identify the Culprit

Bad things happen all the time. But cars now have sophisticated camera systems that can record what’s going on even when they’re parked. That’s how this Honda Accord driver was caught red-handed keying a Tesla for no apparent reason whatsoever. Even though the culprit’s car didn’t have a visible front plate, Redditors collaborated until they found the vehicle’s identification number (VIN).
Man Keys a Tesla Model 3 6 photos
Photo: fangpenlin on Reddit
Honda Accord Driver Keys a TeslaHonda Accord Driver Loads His Groceries with CareHonda Accord Driver Loads His Groceries with CareHonda Accord Driver "Struggles" with the Empty Shopping CartHonda Accord Driver Keys a Tesla
A driver of a Honda Accord has been caught keying a Tesla in a Costco parking lot. It happened in Sunnyvale, California. The recording shows a man returning with groceries and putting them into his car. He was careful not to scratch his vehicle or the American-made EV at first, as any normal person would do.

But after putting everything inside his Honda, the guy took the empty shopping cart and spent some time in front of the parked Tesla. From the looks of it, he seems to be struggling with fitting it properly between the EV and other cars. Even though there’s no front angle, the suspicion that he used the cart to damage the front bumper could easily be drawn from what you can see down below. The Model 3 appears to be shaking in the footage.

Moreover, the Redditor that published the video online says the owner found the right corner of the front bumper with deep scratches on it which weren’t there previously.

After leaving the empty shopping cart, the guy uses his bracelet to key the front passenger door. He then hops on into his vehicle and drives off as if nothing happened.

Fortunately, Tesla’s very useful camera system managed to record everything. But the malevolent man didn’t have a visible front plate. The victim had the footage, but there was no easy way to identify the person who vandalized the EV.

According to a post on Reddit, the owner of the Model 3 already filed a report to the local Police, but they wanted to help the officers with the whole process and asked for help on the popular forum Reddit. It took half a day, but people worked together and eventually found out the VIN which, subsequently, led to figuring out the license plate number. All these new details have been shared with law enforcement.

But some other forum users agree with the Honda driver and blame the Tesla owner for a sloppy parking job. But it’s safe to say that vandalism isn’t justified in this care or any other instance, for that matter.

Now it’s up to the Police to deal with the culprit.

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