Hit-And-Run Arab Drifter to Be Beheaded

For every hagwalah video that makes the reckless Arabs who drift through traffic look cool, there are many others that show the painful reality, which is filled with crashes, injuries and even deaths.
Arab drifting police chase 1 photo
Well, the Saudi authorities are determined to put an end to this phenomenon and thus have decided to make an example out of a hit-and-run drifter. The man, who had killed two people in a failed hagwalah attempt, has been sentenced to death by beheading.

According to Kuwaiti paper Al Watan, the middle-aged man, who is known as “Mutannish” (this can be translated as “the one who ignores), crashed into another vehicle while drifting, killing two people and subsequently fled the scene. The Saudi government decided to behead him both as a punishment and to show others that threaten national security what can happen to them.

PS: compared to this, the proposed American way of punishing speeders by public shaming seems like a blessing.

Via: Jalopnik


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