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Arab Drifting Wild Crash

When we recently showed you the latest “Arab Drifting” video, we mentioned the fact that the negative consequences of such actions are not always shown at first. However, the Internet has its ways of bringing reality to us and now here we are, watching the latest “Arab Drifting Goes Wrong” video, which we want to share with you.
We don’t know if this is related to the driving we’ve seen in the footage from the original news, but it doesn’t actually matter: a crash is a crash. This time, we see a family saloon hit a sandbank with its rear end while drifting off the road, with the car then traveling on on side, missing a few by-standers by a door mirror.

Subsequently, the vehicle landed back on its wheels for more spinning. We’d really like to know if there are shops that specialize in fixing automotive victims of Arab drifting...


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