Hilarious Commercial Shows Why Cars Should Never Become Voice Controlled

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Our voice is probably just as unique as our fingerprints, our retina or our DNA. Still, that doesn't mean that making cars that fully respond to voice commands is a good idea, as this commercial from Holland is very amusingly going to prove.
This is Young D, a talented... young rapper who has just cashed in big on his first album. What does a self-respecting rapper do when he suddenly finds his bank accounts filled with cash? He goes on a shopping spree, that's what. And even without knowing what's on his list, you can bet it's going to contain a white, really expensive car.

Young D makes no exception, so when he shows up to meet his homies, he's driving a brand-new Bentley Continental GTC in - you guessed it - white. It's not all the color of snow, though, as the interior is wrapped in an orangey-brown leather that, apparently, doesn't go well with a milkshake.

The four start cruising through town and Young D takes the time to show his buddies what his new car can do. After announcing his car is "Future from the Future" (as opposed to the movie title "Back to the Future"), he takes his hands off the wheel and says "stop the car." The car obliges, and his friends go berserk as Young D explains it's PVS: Personal Voice Control.

He then goes on a hilarious rant about the wheels of his car being 22, which means they can get into a club on their own just before they reach the house of a fifth friend by the name of Tiny. Tiny is having a barbecue party, so the four leave the car and go into the yard, just as Young D's song starts to play on the radio.

Now we won't spoil the funniest part for you, but we will remind you that the clip is a commercial for a Dutch insurance company, so you can imagine it won't end well for everyone involved.

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