Toyota Mirai Is the Reason Marty McFly and Doc Brown Went "Back To The Future"

Toyota managed to get Christophor Lloyd and Micheal J. Fox back together to promote the Mirai 1 photo
Photo: Toyota
Can you believe it’s been 30 years since Doc Brown would fly Marty McFly (pun intended) Back To The Future in a time machine? Heck, the DeLorean doesn’t even exist anymore, yet we’re still talking about the famous Irish breed of sports cars. Well, we were in other posts, as this time Toyota is taking over. The fact that they managed to get Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox back on screen is enough to get our attention.
We’ve expected Universal Pictures to promote their Back To The Future DVD and Blu-Ray kit in an aggressive way; that’s what these people do. Car YouTubers around the world are trying to get their 10 minutes of fame driving one of those DMC DeLorean cars and LEGO enthusiasts are recreating all the possible scenes out of bricks. But Toyota? Now, that was unexpected.

Not only did they manage to get the two actors together once more but it would seem that they even have their approval as far as the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is concerned. Because yes, October 21, 2015, is not just the day Doc and McFly appear in the second installment of the science fiction trilogy; it’s also the official on-sale date of the Toyota Mirai.

Hey, using hydrogen to power your car and getting mere water out of the exhaust as you drive may not be the same thing as traveling through time, but it sure makes for a futuristic cause. But wait, there’s more. According to the Japanese automaker, the video listed below is just the beginning - fans will have to stay tuned to see how the story unfolds.

“Over the years we’ve had a lot of fun predicting which Back to the Future fictional 2015 technology would arrive by the real year,” Michael J. Fox says. “Now that we’re a week away, I think fans are going to have a good time with what Toyota sees as a true possibility for transportation. It’s actually really cool.”

Back to the vehicle’s only tailpipe emission, which is water. We’ve recently told you about that auto journalist who drank H2O that dripped out of a Toyota Mirai to prove how clean the vehicle was. We’re not sure if we’d ever do that, no matter how clean cars get in the future, but we’d surely like to drive a Mirai ASAP.

Bottom line, Toyota tells us their Back To The Future partnership will crescendo on October 20 as the clock nears midnight toward the milestone. And “with a party ready for the fourth dimension, digital activations, and physical displays, Toyota will welcome the future to California with the Mirai.”

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