Highland's Insanely Affordable 2024 Roamer Fifth-Wheels Are In, and They're Hot Like Fire!

Last year, Highland Ridge RVs broke ground with what I considered the "cheapest and most capable fifth wheel." Well, with the new year just around the corner, this manufacturer has unveiled how they've taken this class of travel trailers to the next level.
2024 Roamer Light Duty 6 photos
Photo: Highland Ridge RV
2024 Roamer Light Duty2024 Roamer Light Duty2024 Roamer Light Duty2024 Roamer Light Duty2024 Roamer Light Duty
Folks, Back in 2014, the name Highland Ridge RV first popped up on the market when Jayco purchased shares of Open Range RV. Not that any of this interests you, but from here, America would be graced with some of the most affordable mobile living units we've seen in the past decade. Considering that Jayco's know-how is at the epicenter of this team's manufacturing processes, you know we're in good hands.

As for the machines in question today, the Roamer Light Duty lineup, let's kick back for the next few minutes and imagine ourselves living out of one of these rather modern machines. Oh, and guess what? About that whole "cheapest and most capable fifth wheel" bit, we're looking at units with a starting price of $59,665 (€54,500 at current exchange rates). Somehow, Highland managed to keep their price level within the previously set limit; 2023 versions started at around $55,500 (€50,700).

But what does this sort of cash get us? Well, picture yourself at some local dealership having dished out nearly $60K for one of these babies. At this point, you'll be looking at a unit that weighs up to 8,680 lbs (3,937 kg), so you won't need the biggest truck in your garage to haul one of these babies. Hook it up, and let's hit the road.

2024 Roamer Light Duty
Photo: Highland Ridge RV
Now, as you're driving down the highway in any one of the four available floorplans, you'll benefit from countless features designed to help you make it to your destination. The catch here is that you'll have to stick to predefined roads; no off-roading with this one. Sure, the Equa-Flex suspension from Lippert is going to ensure a smooth ride, helping protect this puppy's construction, but axle suspensions clearly have a limit.

Once you've made it to that brook at the base of some mountains or an RV park, it's time to get out of your vehicle, stretch your legs, let the kids loose, and stabilize your unit. Unhook the beast of burden and let us progress to stage two of this leg of our journey.

Once you're ready to set up shop for the next few days to weeks, or however long you have planned - the average American spends around three weeks in the wild each year - it's time to unveil your unit's final form. Here's where things get interesting.

2024 Roamer Light Duty
Photo: Highland Ridge RV
What I loved about this lineup and what Highland has achieved here is the fact that each unit is equipped with slide-outs. Yes, once you've unhooked the beast, press a button and watch the ACCU-Slide with 4-corner compression expand your mobile home by a few square feet. Some layouts, like the 304BHS, include two slide-outs, a loft, and, in the process, create a home that can accommodate eight people; some of us may have a hard time filling such a unit, but others are sure to need this many berths.

But before we explore the interior, let's take a closer look at all the exterior features Highland has in store for us. Here's yet another aspect that I loved about this lineup: it's aimed at the outdoor lovers among us. Not only are the Roamers equipped with things like awnings, pass-through storage, and outdoor entertainment center options, but with the presence of an outdoor galley, each of these mobile homes ensures you spend as much time outside as the weather allows. Whip out some solar panels and recharge your batteries while the kids do the same.

Later in the day, once the sun has set and the constellations have been discovered by the glow of a fire, it's time to finally head inside and lay our heads to rest. Once everyone's inside, wash up and change into pajamas and start transforming sofas into beds, invite the kids to their bunks, and grab a tad of TV in the bedroom before you're off to dreamland.

2024 Roamer Light Duty
Photo: Highland Ridge RV
After that first night of sleep, you'll rise to the smell of coffee and bacon being whipped up on a three-burner top, the sounds of the kids already reigning chaos outside, and with eyes half-asleep, take a quick shower. With eyes wide open, you venture into the middle of your Roamer, this time taking a seat at the dinette instead of lying down to sleep or on the couch and throwing a smile toward your significant other. It's breakfast time.

While chomping down on the day's fuel, you notice the hardwood cabinet doors and slide-out fascia, LED lighting shining the perfect glow on everything, and the way natural sunlight shines into your home via the multiple windows all around. Throw in some composite and semiprecious metals, and the result is a unit that definitely appeals, especially considering its price tag.

Now, countless systems and features support all this, and more than one article would allow, but I can't pass up the opportunity to shine some light on a few things like the enclosed and heated underbelly and up to R-38 reflective insulation foil, massive furnace, generator prep, and, I think you can see where I'm going with all this; year-round adventures are just $60K away! If that's not worth considering for your next travel trailer purchase, I don't know what is.
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