High-Speed Lane Splitting Can Split Your Head

lane splitting the worng way 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
Lane splitting is good. And bad. It all depends on how it’s done, pretty much like a lot of other things in life, more or less related to traffic and motoring.
Unfortunately, some guys seem to be completely oblivious to the dangers that lie on their path, and when this is happening on public roads, it’s rather expectable that the day ends in a bad way. While lane splitting can indeed add fluidity to heavy traffic and ease up congestions on very busy roads, it can turn out quite nasty results for those who forget the basic safety precautions required in such scenarios.

It’s obvious that the scooter rider was speeding, but he was also distracted, I’d say, judging by the incoming speed. The traffic light was already yellow when the camera car was like 50 meters (150ft) from the intersection, and it was rather obvious that the Infinity would stop, after having slowed down.

Truth is, it looks like actually stopping at the yellow light is a joke for half of the drivers in this video. The fellows in the left lanes charged ahead even 1 second after the red light went on, so maybe the Infinity stopping caught the scooter rider by surprise. Anyway, after the cops see this video, his excuses would be nullified, as it was clear he intended to jump the red. And in case he fractured his sternum, tough times ahead: no more laughing for a couple of months or so. How about his idea to wear a helmet? Kind of saved the day, didn't it?

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