Clumsy Rider and His Passenger Almost Squashed by Truck

Clumsy Rider and His Passenger Almost Squashed by Truck 1 photo
They say that the rider of a motorcycle bears the whole responsibility for the safety of his or her passenger, and common sense tells us this is true. While passengers may have zero riding experience, and therefore are completely oblivious of the basic motorcycle safety rules, it’s up to the rider to instruct them and make sure they’re as safe as possible even before setting out. And this includes at least wearing a properly-strapped motorcycle helmet, if not even more protective gear.
There is so much fail in the video after the jump that seeing the two walking away unscathed, save for some bruises, is truly miraculous. The video shows how close the two have been from having their heads run over by the truck. Half a meter more to the front, and no helmet in the world could have saved them.

Aside from the risky passing maneuver the rider made and his obvious lack of braking skills in emergency situations, allowing a pillion passenger with an unstrapped helmet aboard the motorcycle is almost like asking for something bad to happen. A much less dangerous spill could have led to the passenger losing her helmet and sustaining massive head injuries, but it looks like the two ruled this possibility out.

It’s really das to see riders wearing helmets just because they don’t want the police pulling them over. This day was a lucky one for these two fellows, but I doubt such luck will ever repeat.

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