Semi-Innocent Rider Avoids Gruesome Death by Inches

Rider inches away from a gruesome death 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
Awareness and extremely short reaction times saved the life of this innocent Chinese rider, proving that attention when behind the wheel can indeed save lives.
The day could have ended in a very brutal way for this innocent scooter driver, after being side-crashed into by a completely reckless driver entering the highway and not giving way to traffic. Such idiotic maneuvers often lead to fatal consequences for both the vehicles being rammed and the occupants of the car entering the main road.

Yet the truck driver was the hero this day, and being able to brake very hard and steer clear from running the poor rider over, a scenario with 99.999% chances for an instant and gruesome death. Now, truth is that the truck appears to be carrying no load, thus able to stop in a short distance. Should it have been fully-loaded inertia would have most likely prevented the driver to maneuver the vehicle the same way he did.

In the end, truth be told, judging by the sign which can be seen at 00:40 in the video, it looks like the scooter rider had no business on that road, which seems to be restricted to other types of vehicles. Still, this does not make the car driver’s fault any smaller.

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