Watch and Learn: Mindless Rider Slaloms and Crashes Really Bad

Mindless Rider Slaloms and Crashes Really Bad 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
“Slaloming” in and out of traffic is a dangerous thing, and this seem to be true for both cars and bikes, and even for scooters. Not acting like a mad man, waving in and out lanes and ignoring the basic transportation safety rules is common sense for most motorists, but to some, such recommendations are empty words.
Or seem to be so, until karma kicks back, and then it’s time for pain. Now, don’t get me wrong, as I know we all are at times trying to pass all the cars and bikes ahead, as if in an imaginary race. I do so myself from time to time, but even then I am overtaking one vehicle at a time, making sure that other road users are not making unpredictable moves which would put me in more trouble than I’m already in. That is being a bit reckless, but in a somewhat controlled, aware manner.

Well, the hero in the video below definitely has no notion of awareness, and I kind of knew he was going down really soon the moment I saw his very “liberal” riding manner. Even though some riders believe that such bravado is paying off and earns them “street points”, the cold bite of reality brings a fast, painful reminder that those who ride like idiots always end up like idiots. Please, don’t ride like this fellow!

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