Hideaway Captures the True Essence of Tiny Living and Drops You in the Middle of It All

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Photo: Handcrafted Movement
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Listen, or rather, read: if you're going to invest in a mobile home that can change the scenery whenever you feel like it, you might as well go all out and look into a tiny home like the Hideaway. This mobile habitat aspires to be your escape from all things social.
I'll be honest, the moment I ran across the Hideaway, I knew I had to bring it to your attention. Why, you ask? Take a moment to peek at the image gallery, and all shall be understood. Best of all, what you've witnessed is a park-ready RV that cost one fortunate owner no more than $132,000 (€125,500 at current exchange rates), a fraction of what your average immobile home will run you.

Before we dive into all that the Hideaway has to offer adventurous folks like yourself, let me point out a bit about the minds, hearts, and hands behind the creation. The crew to bring this dream to life is none other than Handcrafted Movement, a team from outside Portland, Oregon, with generations of construction and woodworking experience. Best of all, they're a family-owned business, allowing them to craft structures that seem to break industry norms. That's because they do.

Look, let's just pretend that you just bought the Hideaway and are now living and laughing it up as you move about the U.S. Speaking of moving about, one feature I enjoyed about this home is the fact that it has a wheeled trailer, allowing you to set up shop anywhere without needing a foundation. You also won't need an 18-wheeler and/or a crane just to move your home a few feet to the left just to keep up with the sun. Since the home weighs around 14,500 pounds (6,577 kilograms) and the trailer is rated for 20,000 pounds (9,072 kilograms), you'll have a lot of space to bring along necessities and extras.

Hideaway Tiny Home Interior
Photo: Handcrafted Movement
Now, imagine that it's a new day and you've been awakened by the sounds of nature. You'll open your eyes as you lay in the loft bed; windows all around let the sun's rays into the habitat. You climb down from your heavenly lair and head to the bathroom for your morning duties. As you brush your teeth and take your morning shower, the feeling that you're at home may arise. If it does, you know that this tiny home is a success.

From here, you head to the kitchen to brew some central nervous system stimulants and fill the Hideaway with the smell of roasted black beans. Once you've done that, you'll turn your back to the fully stocked kitchen and view the world through the large windows that tatter the shell.

Sure, peering at the home with morning eyes, you'll find a dining area and a living room ready with a wood-burning furnace but hidden behind a door integrated into the furnace's wall is another room, a "flex room," as Handcrafted likes to call it. Sure, this space hides another bed, but yours can be completely different.

Hideaway Tiny Home Interior
Photo: Handcrafted Movement
Get to work with a home office, set up a gym and pump some iron, or tatter the walls with hooks, shelves, and maybe some vinyl flooring to transform this section of your habitat into an unseen gear garage. Because this room is so beautifully designed, I'd drop a couple of chairs and a coffee table inside and add some plants all over, especially on that circular ledge formed by cutting out the ceiling.

Beyond that, the Hideaway expresses a tasteful use of space and appliances that yield a beautifully balanced interior design. You not only have an oven, gas range, and washer/dryer combo, but the materials and colors used to bring the dwelling to life give off a purist feeling that is sure to have you feeling refreshed with each new day and location.

At the end of it all, the Hideaway captures the essence of downsized and mobile living and then drops you in the center of it all.
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