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Ynez Is Timbercraft's Most Tiny Home but Is No Less Capable of Being Your Go-To RV
Mobile living is fantastic, but some off-grid habitats require 18-wheelers and cranes to be transported. Not the Ynez, a tiny home that you can just hook up to your truck, and off you go, on to the next adventure.

Ynez Is Timbercraft's Most Tiny Home but Is No Less Capable of Being Your Go-To RV

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Folks, Ynez is a 20-foot (6.1-meter) or 24-foot (7.3-meter) tiny home (depending on your needs and preferences) designed and built by none other than Timbercraft Tiny Homes, an American crew based out of Guntersville, Alabama. Does that name sound familiar to you? It's because we've featured their work before, and if you haven't had the chance to see why we keep showing off their magic, you'll understand by the time you finish this short piece of literature.

Just to get into the thick of things, the main reason I chose to bring this downsized home to your attention is because of the fact that it's actually tiny. Several manufacturers pack all the comforts of home, and then some, into extravagantly large units that are typically out of the average human's means of transportation.

Not the Ynez! Because the largest unit is only 24 feet long, you could quickly hook this up to a heavy-duty pickup truck and ride away as if you're towing some Airstream or Winnebago. Heck, I've seen fifth wheels larger than this. Two axles also hint at this unit's weight, even though Timbercraft makes no mention.

Part two of Ynez's story is all about the sort of living you can achieve while out there on the road. Like all the other habitats that result from Timbercraft's craftiness, the Ynez is built to endure your ideas of adventure, no matter how brave. I already mentioned the custom trailer, but ensuring your home doesn't fly away at the slightest breeze, 2x4 wall and roof framing is in place, and so are 3 inches (7.6 centimeters) of spray foam insulation. Dual pane windows, LP Smart siding, and Shiplap walls complete this bugger.

As I explored Timbercraft's Facebook page, I couldn't help but be transported inside one of these units. Since I was there, I took a moment to see what I might experience with this unit. There I was, waking up in the morning to the sight of the sun on the horizon and birds chirping on my roof. I smile and head downstairs to put on a pot of coffee. With windows and doors open to let the fresh air in, I carry one with my morning rituals, my significant other, right behind me. Our breakfast is enjoyed out on that add-on patio deck.

Since I'm not much of a social person and don't really enjoy sitting in a living room packed with art deco furniture and trinkets, this is the place I'd be storing my e-bikes, climbing gear, and anything else I may use on my adventures. Sure, it'll be messy, but a bathroom, running water, and a heating system should help me keep the place and myself clean.

With a few of the day's activities over, it's time to just have dinner, made possible by Summit appliances, and once again, that deck invites us to watch the sunset as we enjoy my lava cake, fresh out of the oven. With the day done, it's back to the loft.

Come a new day, it's time to carry one to newer pastures and even meet up with the gang at another campground. How you live your mobile life is up to you, Timbercraft just gives you what you need to ensure that you continue living comfortably.

Remember, units like this are often custom, and the Ynez is no exception; some owners even ordered a 22-foot (6.7-meter) Ynez with just one loft. Custom works also mean custom prices, so it's rather challenging to pinpoint a price for this tiny home, but, according to Prefab Review, rates can be seen starting at around $52,000 (€49,000 at current exchange rates). And you don't need to buy or rent an 18-wheeler to do so. Just something to consider if you think a massive mobile home is best.

Editor's note: This article was not sponsored or supported by a third-party. Images in the gallery include an array of custom Ynez models, interiors, and exteriors.


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