A $30K Autonomous and Mobile Heva Can Be Your Home Anywhere There's Land and a Road

Sure, mobile living can be all fun and games, but to achieve that, you'll need a habitat that has more than just a bed and an outdoor cooktop. To really immerse yourself in nature's embrace, you may want to check out a traveling home much like the self-sustaining Heva.
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That's right, folks, we'll be taking a little journey through a prefabricated mobile home dubbed the Heva. While we've seen such units before, what is special about this one is its ability to function anywhere you can reach with an 18-wheeler and a crane. Time to explore all that is the autonomous Heva.

To help understand a bit about this structure, we need to also take a look at the minds behind the work. Two teams were involved in bringing this habitat to life. The first is the French architectural agency A6A, responsible for the blueprints and plans, and the second crew is My Little Loft (MLL), another French team with an extensive background in finding the most efficient and cost-effective way to build a prefabricated and mobile unit.

The idea behind Heva is simple: to create a space that is truly at one with the environment. What does this mean? Time to find out, and to do so, let's take a look at the systems Heva is outfitted with. Well, one aspect to consider when looking for a Heva is where you'll be using it; this dictates the level of autonomy it can provide. After all, if you're planning on using something like this where there are no freshwater supplies, you may need larger water tanks.

Heva Prefabricated Home
Photo: HEVA
Let's say you've acquired a tiny plot of land out by a lake and that's where you want to spend your summer. Since there's a seemingly endless water supply, you could add extra batteries in the available space and a more extensive solar array on the roof; maybe you have no powerlines leading to this lake.

However, power and water are just a couple of the needs you'll be confronted with during off-grid adventures. With that said, the Heva goes even further with its autonomous abilities and provides a wood stove for heating and a micro purification system for water. Your dirty business will be handled by a dry system so that there's no contamination of local waters or leaving behind an environmentally unhealthy mess.

As for how this sucker is built, materials are also in line with eco-friendly initiatives, and if you ever get sick of your Heva, you could chop it up and make woodchip blocks for a wooden furnace. There's just going to be some aluminum left over, which can be reused too. Furthermore, the manufacturer's website also states that your Heva's size and spaces can be customized to your needs and wants. After all, if you've got the bucks, you might as well get your bangs.

Heva Interior
Photo: HEVA
At the end of the day, structures like these are often customizable, and if you do end up grabbing a Heva, you don't have to necessarily transform it into a downsized home; it can be used as a mobile business model. You may end up selling coffee or clothes out of it, but nobody needs to know that you have a bedroom off to one side.

With a starting price of around €30,000 ($32,000 at current exchange rates), you should have more than enough left to build the habitat you wished for.

If you're the adventuring kind, then your Heva will belong nowhere else except standing alone on the edge of a lake with only you, your significant other, and a couple of friends who are aware of the whereabouts of your autonomous off-grid home.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery include an array of Heva interiors, exteriors, and amenities.

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