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Content Creator Criticized for Living in a Tiny House While Owning a Tesla

Despite the massive popularity of tiny houses and forms of unconventional living in recent years, some people still don't consider them "real houses." But choosing to live in a tiny home while also owning a Tesla Model 3 is a lifestyle philosophy for this young TikToker who caused an online storm with his bold point of view.
This young TikToker built himself a tiny home and is driving a Tesla Model 3 6 photos
This TikToker lives in a tiny home and owns a TeslaThis TikToker lives in a tiny home and owns a TeslaThis TikToker lives in a tiny home and owns a TeslaThis TikToker lives in a tiny home and owns a TeslaThis TikToker lives in a tiny home and owns a Tesla
Videos about tiny houses are generally popular, but this particular one on Tik Tok got incredibly viral. At this moment, it has almost 37 million views. Jack not only gave a tour of his tiny home, but also replied to someone trying to mock him for living in a tiny home and owning a Tesla instead of going for a “real” house. But there’s much more beneath the surface of this seemingly unusual lifestyle choice.

The young content creator’s goal is to become truly self-sufficient. In a previous post on social media, he shared that he has worked on building his tiny home for three years. A real example of off-grid, sustainable living, this house has a composting toilet and a composting area that will be used for growing flowers. Jack is also growing vegetables, and he uses rainwater, thanks to a rain-catching system that he installed himself.

The next step will be to install solar panels and a wind turbine, to provide him with clean energy, enough for both his house and car. “Then I’ll never have to pay to drive again because the sun will power my car's battery,” said Jack in a previous post. So, in his vision for the ultimate off-grid paradise, he’ll use sustainable energy sources exclusively and harvest food from his own garden.

In the meantime, he does have a conventional job, working for DoorDash. His very tiny 240 square feet (22.2 square meters) home includes a loft bedroom, a kitchen, a shower, and a washer/dryer. Despite some negative comments, most viewers seemed to agree with Jack’s vision and encouraged him to continue building his dream. “I’m living the future” was the caption for one of his photos, and he’s not the only one who believes that this is what the future will look like.

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