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Here’s How a MINI Goes from the Production Line to Your Local Dealer

MINI celebrated 3 million units made since BMW took over this week and the event had important officials on site, in Oxford. That’s the historic plant of the brand, where the whole MINI madness began 55 years ago.
MINI on the production line 1 photo
A lot of things changed since back then, though, the plant now being one of the most technically advanced in the UK, providing jobs for 5,600 people at the moment. BMW actually put over £1.75 billion in its British production facilities since it took over in 2000 and it will continue to invest.

Last year alone the Oxford Plant was responsible for the manufacturing of 175,986 cars out of the grand total of 303,177 the brand sold. It’s all looking very impressive but did you ever wonder how a MINI is built and delivered to your local dealership?

The answer to that question can be watched below, in this cool timelapse of a MINI Hardtop 5-door model going through all the manufacturing steps and then being shipped over.

At the moment, the British brand exports to over 110 markets on every continent on the globe, reaching a combined value of exports close to £30 billion ($48.6 billion / €37.6 billion).


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