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Here’s Another Waze Fix to Deal with the CarPlay Nightmare the App Keeps Causing

If you’re a long-time Waze user on CarPlay, you probably know already that the Google-owned app has been breaking down the audio controls for quite some time for some unlucky fellows.
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Waze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlay
Despite several updates and emergency fixes, the glitch is still there, so no matter what you do, Waze still ends up taking over the audio controls on CarPlay, making it impossible to adjust the volume of phone calls or the playing music.

Most recently, however, I discovered not only a new problem caused by Waze but also a workaround that apparently brings things back to normal.

First and foremost, the new glitch.

While Waze indeed takes over the audio controls in my car as well, this only happens on rare occasions. Starting with the latest update, what it does more often, however, is to just break down the audio in a way that changes the speaker balance in my car.

This means the audio jumps from the left speakers to the right ones continuously, with the volume also dropping substantially at random times.

This is 100% caused by Waze, as this behavior is triggered when launching the app and stops when closing it. Switching to Google Maps also seems to bring things back to normal.

However, upon further investigation, I noticed that every time Waze takes over the audio controls and breaks down the speaker balance, the app just launches without logging in. In other words, it no longer loads my account, even though the username and the password are configured correctly – you can tell this by opening Waze on the iPhone and instead of your account, you should just see a generic Wazer profile.

Fixing this is easier than you’d be tempted to believe. Just force-close the app on your iPhone and then relaunch it, and you should notice the sound coming back to normal on CarPlay. For some reason, this doesn’t always work from the first attempt, but at least, it’s a way to fix the Waze nightmare until the Google-owned company comes up with the patch everybody is begging for.


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