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The Waze Nightmare Isn’t Over Yet on CarPlay, and It’s Even Getting Worse

Despite being a must-have application for modern drivers, Waze has more or less become a double-edged sword, especially in the case of people who run it on CarPlay.
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Waze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlay
And Apple users certainly know what we mean.

A glitch that was originally reported in 2020 and which returned this year for no clear reason is causing Waze to take over the audio controls in a vehicle where CarPlay is running on the head unit. Waze doesn’t even have to be running to break down the audio controls, as simply showing up on the home screen is enough to make it impossible for users to adjust the music or the phone call volume.

What they do instead is adjust the navigation voice volume, no matter if Waze is in focus or not.

Despite several updates released in the last few weeks, the problem is still there, with users complaining online that it’s becoming a major struggle to run the Google-owned app in their cars.

The only workaround that is known to do the trick is pressing the voice command button on the steering wheel and then pressing it again some 2 seconds later. For some reason, this easy trick resolves the Waze audio control problem temporarily.

The bad news is the Waze struggle is getting worse.

Most recently, I noticed that Waze also occasionally breaks down the left-right speaker balance in my car. This once again happens without Waze running on the screen, though it takes place every time I launch CarPlay.

The aforementioned workaround no longer does anything, so I just have to head over to the head unit settings and manually adjust the speaker balance to bring things back to normal. Removing Waze fixes the bug, with the correct speaker balance preserved every time CarPlay launches in my car.

At this point, it’s still not clear if Waze is working on any fix on this front, but for the time being, using the Google-owned app has become a major struggle for way too many users out there.


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