Helmetless Rider Fails Utterly to Ride in a Group, Crashes Embarrassingly

This rider made it easy after a silly crash in a group 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
Riding a motorcycle is, just as driving a car, not for everyone, and riding in a group even less so. This has nothing to do with an individual's rights, but has everything to do with his or her natural inclination for such a task.
Just like not everybody can learn to speak German or Finnish, operating vehicles of various types on public roads is not a thing anyone can successfully do.

It's been a while since I published the How to Ride in a Group and Why guide, but I don't think it has ever lost its "novelty factor" for certain types of riders. That is, such guides should most likely be republished every now and then, increasing the chances that people with less knowledge of how to ride in a group read them and become better riders.

Awareness and coherent maneuvers are the key elements for a safe group ride

If anything, being aware of what is happening around and not making dumb moves should be pretty much enough to get you safe back home after a group ride with reasonable guys.

This, however, requires some decent anticipation and full confidence in one's skills. These assets will allow a rider to be able to make accurate predictions for the immediate future and tailor his reactions according to them.

On the other hand, being in full control of the bike in any given moment is mandatory for not hindering your fellow riders and not putting you, them or all of you in danger. This chap was clearly not a good master of his throttle, but luckily escaped without being run over or severely injured.

Maybe he learns from this close shave...

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