Hellcats and Shelbys May Be Cool, but This Modded Audi Quattro Is Far Better

The original Audi Sport Quattro is an absolute racing legend from the golden days of rallying, which is why the best examples currently fetch around half a million bucks.
Audi Sport Quattro LCE Performance 9 photos
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Audi Sport Quattro LCE PerformanceAudi Sport Quattro LCE PerformanceAudi Sport Quattro LCE PerformanceAudi Sport Quattro LCE PerformanceAudi Sport Quattro LCE PerformanceAudi Sport Quattro LCE PerformanceAudi Sport Quattro LCE PerformanceAudi Sport Quattro LCE Performance
However, for a fraction of that price, a German company called LCE Performance would build you your own custom Quattro, with far more power, that will make you look like an absolute beginner whenever you take it out on the road.

Things such as assisted brakes or power steering are unheard of in such a machine that otherwise features a custom-built chassis that makes it around 13 in (32 cm) shorter than the original. It boasts the right looks, has carbon fiber door cards, a roll cage to keep you alive if things go south, and bucket seats with racing harnesses.

This particular example bears Walter Rohrl’s signature on the dashboard, a mean exhaust, and a short-shift gearbox with a racing clutch. It packs a bespoke engine with the block of an old Volkswagen T4 diesel van. The turbocharged 2.5-liter, inline-five lump produces an estimated 650 horsepower on pump gas, yet if you dare fill the tank with racing fuel, then the output would increase to a whopping 1,100 HP.

So, how much would it cost you to drive such a wonderful beast on a daily basis? Pricing starts at €90,000 (equal to $106,425) in Germany, apparently, but for that kind of money, you won’t get all the goodies fitted to this car. Thus, if you want the best stuff, then you’re looking at around €150,000 ($177,375), which is mid-Porsche 911 territory, but no modern ride is as rewarding as this modified Quattro, as you are about to see for yourselves.

Call it an emotional experience, if you may, like this driver did while touching that beautiful steering wheel, and we won’t judge you if you do.

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