Greenpeace Ranks Toyota DEAD LAST In Emissions Efforts, Shares With Stellantis

Toyota is not an automaker that spends very much of its time at the bottom of most rating lists. Stellantis, on the other hand, owners of the Hellcat-producing Chrysler, is on the opposite of that spectrum. Based on the latest statistics from the COP26 climate summit show even the model student can still get set to the back of the class with the school idiot every now and then.
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That's right, Toyota, of all companies, joined Stellantis in a joint tie for last place in a study commissioned by Greenpeace to rank carbon emission efforts by different global automakers. In all fairness, it was not going to be easy for any brand to garner a decent score from Greenpeace. The world still mostly relies on petroleum-powered transportation mind you. Still, the order they ranked global car brands based on emissions initiatives is more than a little bizarre if you are even a little familiar with the brands presented.

General Motors scored C- with a D going to Volkswagen and D- for Renault. The real bombshell with this latest report was the placement of Toyota, makers of the Mirai Hydrogen fuel cell, multiple different plug-in hybrids, and the brand new bZ4X EV scored a slightly comical F minus-minus score.

Considering no one has expected very much good out of Chrysler for years now only makes Toyota's dismal score even more embarrassing. All other automakers involved, including Ford, Hyundai-Kia, and Honda, scored F grades, either minus or plus.

Granted, being ranked last in a non-auto-industry standardized comparison by a biased group like Greenpeace isn't going to be a nail in the coffin for any automaker. Even so, it's beyond bizarre to see the world's most reliable automaker find itself down in the dumps with a brand struggling to maintain its own relevancy.
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