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Google Releases the Last Update for the World’s Favorite Android Auto Music App

Google has shipped one final update for Google Play Music, the music app that everybody loved on Android Auto but which the company decided to kill off last year.
The latest Google Play Music update is the app's final goodbye 1 photo
Google Play Music has already been discontinued, so users can no longer use it to listen to their favorite tunes or even download the data they previously purchased.

But on the other hand, Play Music continues to be available on Android devices, something that obviously doesn’t make much sense given it’s already a dead app.

So the latest version of Google Play Music that showed up in the Google Play Store earlier this week marks the final goodbye. It removes the local data, hides the app’s icon so it no longer shows up on the app list, and deletes all the other files to free up space.

In other words, Google Play Music is now dead for good on both Android and Android Auto, and Google still hopes users would make the switch to YouTube Music.

And while this alternative is getting more and more refinements on the phone, it’s not necessarily a secret that the experience on Android Auto still requires additional polishing.

The good news is Google is listening to feedback, as the company responded quickly last year when Android Auto users discovered that playing the tunes they purchased from Google Play Music wasn’t possible in YouTube Music unless they got a subscription.

The search giant released a quick update to enable a free tier in YouTube Music, therefore allowing users to listen to their own libraries at no charge.

In the meantime, YouTube Music still requires other improvements, and probably the most important thing that needs to be further refined is the overall performance of the app. YouTube Music still feels very slow on Android Auto, especially when trying to load large libraries and playlists.


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