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Top App Launches on Android Auto as a Waze Alternative

Now that Android Auto is ready for third-party apps, developers are one by one taking advantage of the offer. After Sygic, here’s TomTom coming up with a similar announcement.
TomTom AmiGO on Android Auto 9 photos
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The company’s AmiGO navigation solution is now available on Android Auto, too, essentially bringing its new-generation arsenal of features right on the head unit in our cars.

Powered by the Android device connected to the HU, TomTom’s AmiGO is pretty much a replacement to Waze, Google’s very own navigation app that relies on the community power to report things like accidents, traffic jams, hazards on the road, and speed traps.

And AmiGO comes with a similar approach, as it includes dedicated features for users to report danger zones, speed cameras, blocked roads, and others. And, of course, everything is now available on Android Auto as well, so you no longer have to reach for your phone for the whole thing.

Needless to say, in addition to the reporting feature, the app also comes with state-of-the-art navigation while also boasting unintrusive warnings based on the submitted reports. All in an ad-free user interface, so at the end of the day, it’s a Waze alternative that’s certainly worth trying, especially now that it’s available on Android Auto too.

The number of apps going live on Android Auto is continuously increasing. It’s all because Google has removed some restrictions and is now allowing developers to publish apps optimized for the driving experience in more categories.

For example, Google lets devs publish not only navigation apps, which means they can build alternatives to Google Maps and Waze, as it’s the case of TomTom’s AmiGO, but also parking and EV solutions. All of those will run on the car’s head unit via Android Auto.

This is supposed to help the Android Auto ecosystem grow pretty fast, especially as all apps can be released to production channels without the need for a beta.

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