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Google Maps Rival Announces New Big Update as Google’s Driving Mode Is Almost Here

The competition in the navigation software category is getting fiercer, as Google is no longer the only big company trying to make it easier, safer, and more convenient to reach a certain destination by car.
HERE WeGo on Android 9 photos
HERE WeGo on AndroidHERE WeGo on AndroidHERE WeGo on AndroidHERE WeGo on AndroidHERE WeGo on AndroidHERE WeGo on AndroidHERE WeGo on AndroidHERE WeGo on Android
HERE has long been in this business, but its mobile applications are getting updates at a much faster pace these days, and this shows just how committed the parent company currently is to delivering a fully polished experience to its customers no matter what platform they use.

The most recent version of HERE WeGo, for example, introduces a new feature that drivers are going to love. It’s support for highway exit numbers, something that will provide users with better visibility when using HERE’s solution for navigation, therefore allowing them to figure out which way to go much easier.

And this isn’t the only big update the application has received lately.

A September update introduced support for EV stations. The previous version came with alternative route support, enhancing the navigation process by providing drivers with more choices before they leave on a new journey.

Of course, while the Google Maps alternatives keep improving, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Google is just sitting and watching all its competitors having fun.

The company is now giving the finishing touches to an all-new driving mode, which was originally bundled with Google Maps and is powered by Google Assistant.

The driving mode is specifically supposed to replace Android Auto for phones, so it’ll be enabled by default for users on Android 12. As a result, it comes with a UI inspired by the mobile version of Android Auto, though on the other hand, it obviously features several notable improvements, including large cards on the home screen to quickly access your favorite apps.

The driving mode is already available in a series of markets, with Google gradually enabling it for more users out there as it phases out Android Auto for phones.


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