Google Finally Trying to Figure Out Why an Essential Android Auto Feature Is Broken Down

One of the essential features of Android Auto is the support for voice commands, and it’s easy to figure out why.
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The new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UI
With voice commands, users can just keep their eyes on the road and focus on the driving part, while also being able to interact with Android Auto and the running apps.

Managing phone calls is therefore an essential feature that can be controlled entirely with voice commands, obviously powered by Google Assistant, as the digital assistant makes it possible to make a new call or answer an incoming one with zero touch input.

However, many Android Auto users discovered recently that starting a new call on Android Auto using voice commands is pretty much impossible.

When I use voice commands to make outgoing calls, the call never connects. It recognizes the name and number, and says it is dialing, but the call never connects,” someone summarizes the problem on Google’s support forums.

As it turns out, the glitch was first noticed in early June, so it was most likely introduced by a recent software update. However, it’s not clear if the culprit is Android Auto itself or the Google app – the Google Assistant experience is powered by the Google app, which itself is tied to Android Auto to power the voice commands support.

At this point, none of the workarounds that users have tried produced any improvement. But the good news is that a member of the Android Auto team revealed that Google is currently looking into what’s happening.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily a confirmation that a fix is coming, but at least, we know now that Google is aware of the problem.

Keeping both Android Auto and the Google app fully up-to-date is one way to make sure you’re getting a potential fix when it’s released, so make sure you always install the latest versions of the two apps on your Android device.


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