GM Dismisses El Camino and Nomad Trademark Filings

We recently reported GM’s recent trademark filings, for the El Camino and Nomad nametags, and we assumed they were planning on actually making cars to bear them. However, General Motors has now dismissed the filings, as routine paperwork, which will not translate into the launch of new models.
Pontiac G8 Sport Truck 1 photo
All automakers have to routinely renew their trademarks, and apparently this is what happened here, as well. A spokesman confirmed the information for, saying: "We trademark these names as needed to protect them as a matter of practice."

As a reminder, the El Camino was a so-called ‘sedan-pickup’, and it first appeared in the US in 1959, and several generations of the car were built until 1987 - a similar body style is still used today, in Australia, and where they call it a ‘ute’. The Nomad was a two-door hardtop wagon which first made its debut in 1955, and had a three-year production run.

Still, since the story stirred up quite a bit of interest, perhaps GM will realize that there is a market for a modern El Camino, and they may change their minds...


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