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Genius Recreates Forza Horizon 4 Cover Art in GTA 5, Replaces Leaves with Money

Mods are absolutely awesome, as they allow for custom content, such as cars, weapons, maps, and paintjobs to be installed in official games, and GTA V fans know this very well.
Forza Horizon 4 cover art recreated for GTA V 4 photos
Recreated GTA V covert artOfficial FH4 cover artOfficial GTA V cover art
The GTA 5 modding community, for example, is one of the largest out there right now, contributing with more and more content on a regular basis.

And now here’s something that few people expected to see based on all these mods: a custom GTA V cover art that recreates the one Microsoft used for Forza Horizon 4.

The redditor who did the whole thing used nothing more than content available in GTA V, but on the other hand, the attention to detail is absolutely impressive, with everything being surprisingly accurate.

For instance, he decided to replace the leaves in the official Forza Horizon 4 cover art with dollar bills, something that makes more sense for a game like GTA V. But the more important tidbit is that the bills are placed in exactly the same spot as the leaves, so it goes without saying the redditor really put a lot of effort into getting the whole thing right.

As for how the money ended up being used in the cover art, the explanation is pretty simple.

They’re the banknote props in the game! I took photos of them, cut them out, and pasted them all over the picture,” the GTA V fanboy explains.

When it comes to the mods that were used to power the content here, there are two of them, namely Menyoo PC and Enhanced Native Trainer, so if you want to give the whole thing a try and recreate the cover on your own, you know what you have to do.

In the meantime, the redditor says they’re a chance he might also recreate other covers, but no other specifics were shared right now.


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