France Won't Just Abandon Stupid Laws That Easily

What comes around goes around, they say... and it's true. After the good news on electric bikes charging in Paris, here's a silly one from the same (otherwise wonderful) country. Yes, France.
The vest reads: And now you see me BETTER! 2 photos
The translated message: And now you can see me BETTER
Remember the dumb breathalyzer law which requires every motorist (including bikers) to have one in working condition? Remember that it was mandatory to have one, but nothing was going to happen if a road user did not have one? No fines, license points, warning, and all..

Good, because the same thing now goes for the high-visibility vests, at least this is the newly-proposed regulation. A motorcycle ride must have a hi-viz vest, but does not have to wear it. It just has to be somewhere on the bike.

Now, those who ride with a top case or other bags can stow it away in there. But the full-leather suit riders on sportbikes... what do they do, as they barely have a pocket for the cellphone or so. The high-viz vest is however, mandatory in case a rider stops for a flat tire, repairs, under a €35 ($45) fine.

Knowing how angry the French riders can become in a very short time and looking back at the protest actions in the past, we'd say that France is up for some new two-wheeled uproars, in case the silly lawmakers don't come to their senses. Oh, and this applies to foreign riders, too, just to make things sillier.

Story via MotorBiker.
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