France Looking to Make ATGATT Mandatory?

Some states are still debating whether a helmet law is truly right or constitutional, but Europe has taken things way further. While wearing a helmet is mandatory in all European countries, some administrations are pushing it a bit too far.
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We can't tell whether it's the wine, cheese or beer what's causing such ideas in France and Belgium, but things are beginning to tilt towards the not-funny-at-all side. Belgium has already made ATGATT (al the gear all the time) mandatory and it looks like France would like to follow in these steps, too.

In pretty much any sane country, going ATGATT is a matter of personal decision: if one fears the worst and feels like wearing one-piece leathers in mid-July, it's his/ her choice. But we believe demanding that riders wear all the gear is one thing the Pissed Motorcyclists won't be too happy with.

France is planning to make wearing gloves mandatory when riding a bike, and claims that the costs of motorcycle accidents is already at €1.1 bil ($1,472 bil) and gearing up should reduce these expenses.

The proposal affects scooter riders, too; since motorcycle riders usually wear gloves, they're not going to be affected too much by such a law... but in case this is only the first step towards ATGATT, we will certainly see public reaction. According to MotorBiker, France is indeed planning some "ATGATT offensive":

Step 1 - Jackets/Vests for all PTW under 125cc (so essentially mopeds)
Step 2 - Dorsal and Lombard protection for PTW over 50cc (so back-body armor)
Step 3 - Jackets/Vests equipped with airbag for all PTW over 125cc
Step 4 - Boots or semi-boots protecting foot and ankle for all PTW over 125cc.

Not nice, France, Not nice!
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