France Dumps the Dumb Hi-viz and Breathalyzer Laws

That's the way to show law-makers you don't agree with their stupid ideas 1 photo
Photo: FEMA
Well yes, in the end reason has triumphed in France, but only due to public pressure: the silly high-viz armband and mandatory breathalyzer law projects have been dumped and it looks like the streets will remain just the way they are: sane.
One of the things which triggered the visibility vests issue was the ever-present excuse of car drivers claiming they did not see the incoming motorcyclist. In the absence of an on-the-spot eye and sometimes neurological examination, this lousy excuse started to transform into a generic belief that motorcycle riders are close to invisible and THEY should do something about that.

With the mandatory reflective jacket project going down the drain, the law makers wanted to enforce a mandatory high-viz armband or at least 150 sq cm (23 sq inches) of reflective material to be worn. Failing to comply resulted in a €68 ($88) fine and 2 points out of 12 (6 for beginners) off the license.

On the other hand, some smart guys thought they should be able to make some millions off breathalyzers, should these devices become mandatory for any vehicle operator. Tough luck scumbags, people (and the European Commission) figured out your schemes so you can keep your breathalyzers for yourselves... to say the least! Making streets safer does not mean you have to come up with preposterous law projects and white-collared theft. Bravo, France!
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