Watch and Learn: Stupid Rider Goes Wide, Hits the Camera Motorcycle

Now, that's a nasty one who really got us mad: as if riding a bike was not dangerous enough with all the things which can go wrong and careless drivers, it looks like an additional hazard was needed - riders making stupid mistakes and crashing into other fellows.
This video shows just how dangerous riding can be for everybody on the road when cornering skills are bad. And since riding a bike is all about balance and cornering, we're wondering what went through the guilty rider's mind.

These bikes are inches away from a head-on crash which would have most likely resulted in terrible injuries and possibly casualties... all because the rider was unable to keep in his lane. Thankfully, if we can say so, there was only a motorcycle in the opposite lane: should there have been a car or even worse - a truck...

Everybody makes mistakes, but this time it was a very stupid one, even more alarming, as the poor rider had no excuses such as too much speed, rubble or sand in the way, and the like. It was sheer poor riding skills, and this guys should better keep off the roads and head back for some training... lest he wants a one-way trip to RIP-land.
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