Formula 1 Cars From 2056 Might Look Like This, We Want Them Now

McLaren MP6/P 9 photos
Photo: Nathan Dearsley
McLaren MP6/P ConceptMcLaren MP6/P ConceptMcLaren MP6/P ConceptMcLaren MP6/P ConceptMcLaren MP6/P ConceptMcLaren MP6/P ConceptMcLaren MP6/P ConceptMcLaren MP6/P Concept
Formula 1 has always been the supreme form of motorsport for many petrolheads. The race-day atmosphere, the drivers and most of all the cars made every respectable gearhead dream about being an F1 driver. Some, however, fantasize about new Formula 1 cars.
Advances in technology and new regulations have transformed Formula 1 cars throughout history to such extent that cars from 20 years ago have nothing in common with today's racers.

But what about the future? What will Formula 1 cars look like let's say 40 years from now? Well, a partial answer to that question is offered by designer Nathan Dearsley, who came up with his impression of an F1 race car from the future, and a story to wrap the design study nicely.

The year is 2056 and McLaren want to go back to 'previous dominance as seen during the Senna / Prost times'. To do so, they have reverted to the classic race livery featuring Marlboro and powered by Honda badges. Also, cancer will be cured in 2056 according to the designer, but let's stick to the cars.

Speaking of which, the F1 prototype is called the MP6/P and is a hybrid based on an 'electric four-wheeled system mixed with a full-on combustion drive at the rear'. We don't get any more details about the powertrain's capacities, but since Honda have participated in Formula One, as an entrant, constructor and engine supplier, for various periods since 1964, maybe they're responsible for the hybrid mix.

In terms of exterior styling and aerodynamics, the MP6/P embraces a very simple air-cutting shape that will generate a non-turbulent flow of air and plenty of downforce.

After checking out the pictures, all we can hope is we won't have to wait until 2056 to see this kind of Formula 1 cars racing for glory.
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