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Forklift Driver Demolishes an Entire Warehouse in Minutes

One forklift driver had the worst work day you could ever imagine – and we’re not even saying that to be dramatic.
Forklift is about to demolish the entire warehouse 1 photo
A new viral video making the rounds on social media shows a forklift driver demolishing an entire warehouse by simply nudging one of the shelving units with his vehicle. This creates a dominoes effect that ripples through the entire warehouse, bringing down most of the units.

You can see the footage at the bottom of the page. It starts with a couple of workers checking boxes, as the forklift approaches them. When the forklift stops and turns, it nudges one of the units, which sends all the boxes on it raining down on the poor driver. You can see him realize what’s about to happen and placing his hands over his head.

There was no protecting from what was coming, though. As all that stuff crashes over him and the forklift, the vehicle is pushed forward, where it nudges another unit. This sends all the other units crashing down, one by one.

There can’t be any doubt that the driver is partly to blame for what happened, but if you think about it, if those units came down so easily, there was some terrible shelving happening there. That’s what most commenters are also pointing out: before you laugh at the video (which you shouldn’t do, by the way, because it’s not funny), think of how many safety violations were happening in that warehouse if it came down crashing so fast.

There is no date stamp on the video and no clues as to the location where it was filmed. Because of this, there’s no way of knowing what happened to the driver or the other workers, either. Still, considering how many boxes and metal shelves fell on them, it’s probably safe to assume they were injured.


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