Loading a Forklift like a Pro Will Make You Look like a Hero

Seeing wheeled contraptions that are normally used for carrying stuff around loaded onto trucks and transported has a special twist to it - it’s almost like seeing a dentist visiting his or her dentist. But how do you do this like a pro?
Loading a Forklift like a Pro 1 photo
Well, if the pieces of machinery in question allow it, you can follow the method described in the footage below. This shows one guy pulling the stunt in a little over thirty seconds.

The guy manhandling the forklift might be simply doing his job, but we assure you he deserves a medal. Something made out of welded bolts perhaps.

Sure, this is not the first footage of this kind we see, but we’ll have you know that for each successful stunt of this kind caught on camera, there are probably ten videos showing a group of workers failing to complete such a task.

One too many pieces of equipment have been damaged in such events, which is why we’ve decided to bring you this video.

Here’s to hoping people who have jobs that imply this kind of activity and happen to have skipped their homework end up watching this clip on their smartphones and get better at what they do.

After all, life has taught us that the easiest way to gain skill is to do something you enjoy that involves that certain skill. For instance, video games have probably thought a lot of people more about the English language that the teachers who were paid to do it, so why not try this with forklift loading?

However, we have to warn those of you who find themselves around a forklift to not try this at home. No, really, you shouldn’t. This kind of operation requires at least a bit of training, so you can forget all about the learning-while-having-fun process we mentioned above. Leave that for when you become really good and want to make it big on the internet.

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