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Ford Closing Genk Plant in 2014 - Moving Production to Spain

When we previously reported that Ford may be moving production from its traditional factory for making large cars for Europe, located in Genk, Belgium, we weren’t expecting it to happen this quickly. However, this morning, union representatives announced the closure, via megaphone, in front of a large gathering of workers.
Ford Mondeo 1 photo
This means that all 4,300 workers, who participated in both the assembly and the pressing operations, which took place in and around the Belgian plant, will apparently be sent home, in 2014, when the current Mondeo, S-Max and Galaxy are finally taken out of production.

Luc Prenen, ACV union representative said: “The management has decided to close the car assembly and the press activities in Genk at the end of the current production cycle in 2014 [. . .] This will result in the closing of the Genk production site and will cause the loss of 4,300 jobs.

However, as one would expect, such a disturbing announcement did cause some people to become angry. Prenen stated: “After the announcement there were some rough scenes. There was some pushing and shoving but we managed to calm it down. It was aimed at the management but they left quickly. It was also among each other as people were very angry and frustrated.

Production of the next Mondeo, and its derivatives will commence in October 2013, in Valencia, Spain, if Ford sticks to the same production schedule as the one they had planned for the Belgian plant.

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