Focus RS500 Makes Video Debut, Gets Ready to Fight RS3 and A45

The Ford Focus RS has already built quite a reputation. The line to buy this thing goes around the block, and understandably so, as it offers hyper hatch performance for Golf R money.
Focus RS500 Makes Video Debut, Gets Ready to Fight RS3 and A45 1 photo
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But just like with the previous generation, Ford is preparing to launch an even more hardcore version. We throw that word a lot, "hardcore". However, it's perfect for describing a regular family hatchback designed to drift and powered by a Mustang engine.

And it's with that engine that the RS500 project probably started. Oh, by the way, we are going to call this prototype "RS500," because that's the name of the last super-RS. But you can call him Steve for all we care.

Anyway, the old RS500 had a re-tuned 2.5-liter engine. This one is going to push its 2.3-liter replacement to new limits. If we were to guess, 380 or 390 PS sounds like a very reasonable number to expect.

This is the first spy video of the test prototype that's been seen at the Nurburgring on several occasions. We think the engine sounds a bit more mental at the beginning of the clip than in the latter part, which could either be down to the camera or software changes.

Aero changes are also available in abundance. For example, the hood now has vents to let some of the heat out. The front bumper also has some changes, suggesting a bigger intercooler is planned.

Extra cooling means a guarantee of more power, which is good news for Ford fans. At the back, the RS500 prototype sports a taller wing, an excellent feature, considering the car also puts some power down at the back.

Finally, Ford could be looking to make soma major suspension upgrades, although these have not been confirmed yet.

Editor's note: It took Ford all this time to realize the Mazdaspeed 2.3-liter turbo was a good idea?

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