Floyd Mayweather’s Custom Mouthguards Match His Bugattis and Ferrari Enzo

In case you missed the news a couple of weeks ago, you probably haven’t heard that Floyd Mayweather pays a ruffly $25,000 for each highly customized mouthguard he gets. This means the champ just spent another $75,000 for the freshly new pieces he specially ordered for. In fact, these might have cost a little more than that considering they were built to match three of his most expensive rides.
Floyd Mayweather’s Custom Mouthguards Match His Bugattis and LaFerrari 1 photo
First of all, it’s not a prank. Floyd Mayweather truly ordered for three mouthguards that match three of his most esteemed cars.

Will he opt for one of these in the match of the decade, which is due this Saturday? We don’t know, but if you’ll see the five-division champ spitting the black-and-red one right after that final boxing bell, at least you’ll know.

But what are these three mouthguards matching exactly, you ask? Well, that is something we truly know of. Fasten your seatbelt, things might get shaky!

The first beauty is none other than a white-over-silver Bugatti Veyron worth about $1.6 million. Then, we have the second Bugatti Veyron also worth about the same money; only this one is a black metallic/red metallic hypercar.

But the true wonder in this jaw-dropping compilation obviously is that beautiful red Ferrari Enzo. If the first two hypercars are somewhat older additions to the champ’s mind-bending fleet, the Enzo was a recent purchase.

And if you think these three beauties are amazing, it means you haven’t heard of what Mayweather’s lifestyle looks like.

Let us just tell you this, the 38-year-old fighter has bought 100 cars from the same auto dealership for several years, and he didn’t even drive all of them as far as we know.

Supercars or no supercars let’s face it, the real question currently in your head is whether or not he'll manage to beat Manny Pacquiao.


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