Floyd Mayweather Goes Old-School, Hits 30,000 Miles with a 1996 Mercedes S600

Floyd Mayweather Goes Old-School, Hits 30,000 Miles with a 1996 Mercedes 600 1 photo
Photo: Floyd Mayweather on Facebook
Whether or not you are a boxing fan, chances you haven’t heard that one of the sport’s most expected match in history is about to kick of are close to null. However, Floyd Mayweather is not popular only for being an undefeated champ, but also for his abundant lifestyle. That’s why seeing him driving an 1996 V12 Mercedes S600 is almost shocking considering what he usually takes to the road. And if the story behind it is true, it proves he really is a petrolhead.
After pushing fans away the other day, the American professional boxer felt the need to clarify things on Facebook, so he published this video. For some reason, it seems like Mayweather believes allowing fans to witness a landmark in his driving history was the right way to say he’s sorry and that he simply needs to be alone sometimes.

Therefore, he had somebody - most likely one of his jaw-dropping hot lady friends - filming this two-minute testimony in which he tells the story of one of his most esteemed rides. Why are we interested in Floyd’s old Mercedes? Because if the story really is true, it means the five-division world champion really is a petrolhead.

In the video, we can see US’ favorite boxer driving through the 30,000 miles mark, a trip he started in 1996 when he bought the V12 luxury limousine. “When you got an old-school car and an old-school tape gate, you got to have tapes,” the champ goes as he feeds the antique with an old tape and starts playing some old rap music.

On the other hand, judging by the fact that he only drove 30,000 miles in 19 years and that the video went through some post-production editing so that Mayweather got it right when he was saying the car is so special to him, we’re not that sure anymore. Maybe it’s just another one of the boxer's obsessive bragging videos he keeps posting online.

Again, 30,000 miles in 19 years for a old-school Mercedes-Benz S-Class is not really that much to be honest.

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