Floyd Mayweather’s Chauffeur Showcases the Champ’s Million-Dollar Car Fleet – Video

Floyd Mayweather’s Chauffeur Showcases the Champ’s Million-Dollar Car Fleet 1 photo
Photo: Floyd Mayweather on Facebook
Remember when we told you guys about this theory we have that involves Floyd Mayweather and his superstitions? We were saying that every time the five-division champion is facing a big match he starts buying cars, if not bragging with his collection among his fans. It’s like he finds the right energy or some sort of blessing in abundance.
It’s been like that on numerous occasions, whether he bought a new Bugatti, a Rolls-Royce for his girlfriend or a freaking Ferrari Enzo. Ever since the “fight of the century” against Manny Pacquiao was set for May 2, in Las Vegas it appears Mayweather is doing it again. After all, we are looking at a $300 million fight that the entire world of boxing has been waiting for years.

The other day, the 38-year old sportsman filmed himself reaching the 30,000 miles mark with his old 1996 Mercedes-Benz S600, showing people how great of a car enthusiast he really is. Now, it appears Mayweather decided to call for some help and let others in his life brag about the cars.

So here we are. Meet Bruce Miller, Floyd’s personal chauffeur and the man that takes good care each of the rare breeds in the fighter’s backyard remains safe and sound.

The two-minute video starts in the closed garage where the boxer keeps four of his most expensive rides, three Bugattis and the Ferrari Enzo. The last he just purchased a couple of months ago and is by far our favorite. We wouldn’t mind any of the French hypercars either, especially now that there are none left on the market. These rare beauties alone are valued a little under $9 million.

“It’s very important to keep these cars well mentained so they can keep their value and keep going up,” Bruce the chauffeur explains. And he is very right about that, yet judging by the fact we’re looking at a three-car garage that homes four monsters, we’re not sure they will remain scratch free for a long time.

Other than talking about Rolls-Royce cars like they are some sort of toy cars kids play with in the backyard, there’s one thing that defines the level of opulence these people live by every day. At some point Mayweather’s personal driver talks about how unpredictable his boss is when it comes to his daily driver choices: “he’ll say ‘pull out the Enzo’ just to go down the block to the store. You always have to be on point”.

How about that for first world problems?

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