First Ferrari 488 GTB with an Akrapovic Exhaust Meets 360 CS, dB Battle Ensues

The Ferrari 488 GTB has entered that sweet spot where you don't have to worship it in the press photos, as you can actually place one in your driveway. Naturally, this means the aftermarket side of the industry is now fretting and we can see the first results.
First Ferrari 488 GTB with Akrapovic Exhaust 1 photo
Case in point, the Ferrari in the piece of footage below. The Prancing Horse is probably the world's first 488 to use an Akrapovic exhaust. In fact, the hardware is so fresh that the Slovenian aftermarket developer hasn't even released all the details of the system.

Since we mentioned this, we'll tell you that 488 can be gifted with a slip-on titanium system, while adding the optional link pipe set, which can be had with or without catalytic converters, will require an ECU remap.

Returning to the 488 GTB shown in the clip below, this easily demonstrates its aural capacities. On its own, this supercar is a testament to the fact that the Maranello's return to the twin-turbo realm (Ferrari's last TT machine was the infamous F40, but that left the scene two decade ago) will still allow the company to quench our thirst for dB pleasures.

However, the Akrapovic-gifted 488 is unfortunate enough to be followed by a 360 Challenger Stradale - if you ask us, the CS is the best-sounding modern Ferrari V8 machine. And this is an aural battle that needs no judge, since there's only so much engineers, be they manufacturer- or tuner-employed, can do against the voice of a naturally aspirated V8.

Interestingly, the video also sees a Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG joining the pair of Fezzas and this is when things enter the less predictable area. With the most powerful hot hatch around relying on a two-liter engine, things become interesting. But we'll stop throwing spoilers at you and let the "play" button do its job.

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