Fire Is a Nice Add-On for Moto Stunts, But Things Can Go Terribly Wrong

Fire stunt goes wrong 5 photos
Photo: Facebook capture
Fire stunt goes wrongFire stunt goes wrongFire stunt goes wrongFire stunt goes wrong
Riders often enhance their motorcycle stunt routines with various elements and usually, the cool factor is directly proportional to how non-moto these elements are. It goes without saying that fire is a predilect thrill-inducing element.
It has been so ever since people started to use cars and motorbikes in ways they weren't exactly designed to be used. Jumping through rings of fire, over exploding cars, through blazing barriers and walls, there is hardly a way to set fire to anything and not being able to include it in a stunt.

However, if compared to inert objects, fire looks "alive" and this means it is hard to keep under strict control. Even more, fire changes with external conditions, such as wind or human interaction, and things can get out of hand pretty quickly.

Now, crashing a motorcycle into a barrel filled with flammable liquid can turn a cool bike stunt into a tragedy, and the video below shows just how easily this can happen.

Unfortunately, this story leads to more than a crashed bike, as stunt riders expect to crash their two-wheelers. Flipping over a barrel in which one has a container full of burning petrol WILL lead to a fiery spill and the flammable liquid setting everything it touches ablaze. And having a rider falling into this miniature lake of fire is even worse.

We don't know the outcome of this scary stunt accident, but we can only hope that the guys were smart enough to have at least one fire extinguisher at hand. Playing in such a way with fire and not taking elementary precautions in case something goes wrong is downright idiotic, irrespective of how good a rider one might be, or how cool the whole trick is.

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