How to Put Out a Fire with a Motorcycle and Set the Bike Ablaze

This - guy - is - on - fire! 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
We have no info on the BAC this rider has, so we'll refrain from adding "drunk" or "DUI" in the mix. However, you'll hopefully agree with us in saying that the whole thing looks very similar to a "hold my beer and watch this" scenario.
The rider wants to show someone a cool trick and attempts to put out a fire in the grass by drifting his motorcycle all over the burning leaves. The coolest part of this is that the fellow is, in fact, successful in his attempt to put out the fire. Apparently, one CAN use a bike to drift and throw dirt onto a fire of small proportions. Still it also looks like the risks are not to be taken lightly...

Sometimes, guys shouting "YOU ARE ON FIRE!" must be taken literally

Now, as the grass fire dies down, it looks like this is also happening because it found another source of fuel. And that is the very bike itself. Something underneath the bike became hot enough so it ignites.

As the fellow rides off from the embers, he is completely unaware that his own vehicle has caught on fire. It's so funny to hear the by-standers shouting at him "you are on fire!" and hearing his proud answer "of course I'm on fire, baby, that's how you do it!"

He needs to hear people screaming several times until he realizes that his bike is actually on fire and lays it down into the grass. The footage unfortunately ends so we don't know whether the chap managed to put out the fire on his bike or set the meadow ablaze.

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