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Filling Station Chain Cuts Gas Prices in Half, There's Only One Catch

Yes, it’s real, and it’s happening. Some lucky people are putting gas (or diesel) in their cars like it’s 2002, not 2022. They’re paying half the price! Here’s how this works, where it’s happening, and, most importantly, why.
Halved gas prices in this European filling station chain 6 photos
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When the times are tough, you’ll find speculators and, in some rare cases, smart companies that know how to gain more customers without ripping them off. The latter of the two scenarios is currently taking place in a European country. The idea has been beautifully put into practice, and it works like magic.

Tinq4U is a chain from the Netherlands that provides gas for half the price to its customers. But you know there’s a catch. And there is, but it’s nothing that can be considered sketchy or exaggerated. This huge drop in price is happening only for one hour a day. Moreover, it takes place in just some locations that are never the same on a weekly basis. With over 300 service stations currently active, customers can’t guess where the price is going to be halved. They must follow what Tinq4U is doing on social channels.

The announcement with the stations that’ll have the crazy fuel prices is published on social media before the values are switched and are also sent to the company’s app users. This usually takes place 12 or more hours before the flash drop in value. It gives those interested enough time to get ready for a cheap full tank of gas.

As the company shows on its Facebook page, the price for a liter of gas can reach €1.1($1.2). This means a gallon is just $4.5. If you’re from the U.S., this might not seem like a drop in price. But Europeans are already getting accustomed to €2.2($2.4) per liter, which roughly translates to $9.1 per gallon.

The most recent sale took place on the 9th of March in Ommen and Eerbeek, even though the supply chains were disrupted, and crude oil reached very high prices on international indexes. Since the global situation became uncertain, the company stopped the marketing stunt - for just one day. It will start again on Friday. Those lucky people that will find themselves in the right spot at the right time will enjoy filling up like there are no problems in the world.How is it possible
To let people fill up for half of the market prices might look like an impossible stunt, but the move is smart when you take into account the way Tinq4U is doing business. The entity has already gathered a huge audience on social media and has over 40,000 app users. This means the campaign works.

Moreover, while other players in the sector base most of their big profit margins on selling food, beverages or offering other types of services like money transfer, Tinq4U’s gas stations are completely unmanned. The company also decided it won’t build any kind of shops or toilets. It works like a self-service car wash. But instead of cleaning your car yourself, here you just fill up and go.

Maybe the marketing idea will spread to other filling station chains, and more people will benefit from cheap gas prices. One can only hope. Until then, chapeau bas to Tinq4U because this is not their first rodeo. The fuel company had similar interesting initiatives in the past.


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